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Try it before you buy at Topic Store


What is Try. Like. Buy?

Try. Like. Buy is a solution that takes away your pre-purchasing stress.
The whole idea is for you to feel confident about how the item will perform in the real world, when used with the rest of your kit.

Our years of experience have found that the best way for you to know is through your own experience.

Product specs may be remembered and forgotten, but your own experience will last a life time.

Try before you buy helps boost your confidence doing what you love, in the most affordable way to expand beyond what your current kit can achieve.

At the end of it if you really enjoyed the experience, the option to hold on to it is right in your hand.

How it works:

Check with us the item(s) you are interested in, whether it is brand new, or from our ex-rental stock and get a quote for the rental price.

Rent it for up to a week.
At the end of your rental trial if you decide to keep it for good we will send through the final cost minus the rental payment for you to complete the purchase.

If the new one is not in stock we can loan your our one until the new item arrives.

Rules of Engagement:
Purchase and full payment must be made within 7 days of gear return date for credit to apply.
Purchase credit relates to corresponding rental item price only. Valid on all rentals up to one week in duration.
Loan equipment is subject to bookings and availability

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