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Kupo CT-30M-TUBE Extension Column (MAX. 227CM)

Kupo CT-30M-TUBE Extension Column (MAX. 227CM)

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  • Master Series C-Stand
  • Turtle Base (Quick Release C-Stand)
  • 2 riser, 3 sections
  • Dia. 35mm, 30mm, 25mm

These double riser sections are identical to the ones that come with the Master C-Stands with Turtle Base. C-Stands get their sizing from the length of their riser sections. The 30” double riser for instance, has two (double riser) telescoping risers and one main section for a total of 90”. Add the height of the base and you arrive at your maximum height, 2 risers, 3 sections (Dia.: 35mm, 30mm, 25mm)

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