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Profoto Pro D3 1250

Profoto Pro D3 1250

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  • ECO, Boost, and Freeze Mode
  • LED with 5600 lm output
  • 1250 Ws flash capacity
  • 11 f-stop range with 0.1 f-stop precision
  • Compatible with Profoto AirX
  • 0,01-1,5 seconds recycling time
  • High grade quartz flash tube

Determined, dependable, durable, D3 — a monolight powerhouse destined for studios. Full flash power or accent light, the 11 f-stop range, fine-tuned with 0.1 f-stop precision, provides nuances. Fulfil every style need with the three modes: default mode (ECO) for perfected colour consistency and increased equipment lifetime, Boost Mode for little extra power, and eliminate motion blur entirely with the shortest flash duration of any flash in Freeze Mode. Additionally, the Pro-D3's LED ensures a fixed daylight colour temperature while consuming 15% less power as it runs less hot, making it both energy-efficient and compatible with all softboxes. Tap into seamless connectivity with Profoto’s latest user interface and built-in Bluetooth AirX technology.

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