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Syrp Genie II 3-Axis Pro Slider Epic Kit

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  • Genie II Linear Motorized Platform
  • Genie II Motorized Pan/Tilt Head
  • Magic Carpet PRO Medium Track
  • Magic Carpet PRO Carriage and End Caps

This Syrp Genie II 3-Axis Pro Slider Kit provides you with a motorised motion control linear slider with a combination 360° pan and tilt head. The included PRO track is three feet long, made from aluminum alloy, and features two tripod attachment supports. The PRO track ends incorporate collapsible legs with feet that can adjust to most terrain. The PRO carriage features a built-in bubble level to aid in leveling your track, a built-in flywheel, and a quick release system for mounting and securing it to the track.

This kit enables motion control shooting with programmable 360° of panning, tilt, and linear motion along the slider track. This allows you to program and control your camera moves from a downloadable iOS or Android app, for creating short dollies or tracking shots. The app supports keyframes which allow you to create complex moves with more precise control than just entering start and stop positions.